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15 lessons to make you dance the Waltz beautifully 

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You love to dance the Waltz! You take dance classes and lessons.

But something always seems to be done better.

Have you regularly find bad habits that you need to fix?
Or steps that you thought you knew have to be done differently?

No worries, we get you!

Get the exact Waltz techniques you need to move elegantly 

Learn technique, dance steps and connection to dance the Waltz with an amazing feeling of joy, ease, and confidence.  

15 lessons 8 beautiful figures

Learn to dance: Natural Turn; Change Step; Reverse Turn; Whisk; Chasse; Hesitation Change; Progressive Chasse to Right; Outside Change (Closed). You deserve an unforgettable experience of dancing beautifully!

No more bad habits or uncomfortable steps.



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By the end of Waltz dance classes You'll:

  • dance 8 figures Waltz Routine with ease and confidence
  • know precisely how to perform each step and figure
  • learn small details to improve your dancing immediately
  • create a connection with your dance partner to stop struggling and enjoy dancing together
  • discover the effective ways to practice (it's not about how long you practice but how you do it)
  • dance Waltz Routine with the music

These classes are for you:  if you're  at beginner /intermediate level

IMPORTANT: If you don’t know the proper  dancing technique, you may practice for hours and get zero results. In the worst case scenario, you may hurt yourself because what you do is not comfortable for your body.

"I strongly recommend Dance Spirit Club classes to anyone, who wants to attain a good level of dancing."


"The correct basic steps and the hands holding are very important elements for ballroom dancers. We need to dance correctly to be able to enjoy dancing together. Thank you very much for the online teaching."


Here's What You Get in the Waltz Classes

System: start from the foundation and then build  up your skills.

Clarity: step by step explanations of dance figures and techniques.

Attention to Details:  small details make a big difference in dancing.

Answers to questions: we'll make videos to answer all of your questions.

  • 15 dance classes, showing you and explaining all-important dance techniques, men's steps, lady's actions, connection, hands hold, and musicality (A value $375)

  • Customize video for you to answer your particular question about the Waltz Routine (A value $ 100)

When you add it all up, all classes are a total value of $435

Because we love dancing and want our students to improve, we give you a special price of just...

A Sneak Peek Inside Waltz dance classes

Want to know what is inside the Waltz dance classes? Then watch this video!


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Hello, we are Konstantin and Oxana Antonov, and we look forward to helping you on your dance journey.

Konstantin is a professional ballroom dancer with 30 years of teaching experience, and has participated and won many European and North American competitions in Latin and Ballroom.  He has also been the coach of many competitive couples and champions. 

Oxana has entered the dancing world from an entirely different industry and area of work. She’s a former law school graduate and litigation lawyer who’s since become an amateur competitor and dance lover and is now the co-founder of Dance Spirit Club.



Is it effective to learn dancing with online classes?

Let's be honest; if you want to learn how to dance, you have to take action. Just watching online classes will only give you the knowledge, not bad, too, but to improve your dancing, you must put your knowledge into practice.
Watch + Practice=Result

Benefits of online dance classes:

  • Learn on your own pace, stop and replay any instructions
  • Get step by step explanations
  • Learn all important details
  • No partner needed ( to dance well each dance partner has to know his/her dance steps)
  • Take your classes where you want and when you want
  • Review your Routine, steps, and techniques


"Thank you, both for bringing my dancing up to another level. The happiness I feel is priceless"


Yes, I want to dance the Waltz Beautifully

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Bonus #1 

Unlimited  Access

Take your private ballroom classes  at the privacy of your home anytime you want.

Plus, people often take several  Waltz classes to get results - but they pay each time! Now you pay once and get to take the Waltz classes as many times as you like!

Bonus #2

How to practice effectively

In addition to the Waltz classes itself, we added the special video, where we share our approach on how to practice effectively.

You deserve to enjoy your dancing

Dance better Now. Special price: $69.00 ( a value $435)


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