The Waltz classes

Would you love to dance the Waltz beautifully without feeling Dancing is HARD?

No matter how long you are dancing do you have the thought that DANCING IS HARD?
It's not like you're not trying to dance well, but something always seems to be done better.
Have you regularly find bad habits that you need to fix?
Or steps that you thought you knew have to be done differently?

Introducing the Waltz Classes

Learn the Waltz the easy way!

15 videos. 8 beautiful figures

Learn to dance: Natural Turn; Change Step; Reverse Turn; Whisk; Chasse; Hesitation Change; Progressive Chasse to Right; Outside Change (Closed). You deserve an unforgettable experience of dancing beautifully!

Learn steps, techniques and get skills you need to dance the Waltz well.



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A Sneak Peek Inside Waltz dance classes

Want to know what is inside the Waltz dance classes? Then watch this video!


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Here's What You Get in the Waltz Classes

Whether you want to learn on your own pace, get more details or just want to pause or replay the instructions, Waltz dance classes can help you.

System: start from the foundation and then build  up your skills.

Clarity: step by step explanations of dance figures and techniques.

Attention to Details:  small details make a big difference in dancing.

Answers to questions: we'll make videos to answer all of your questions.

Yes, I want to dance the Waltz Beautifully

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What others are saying about our online Classes

The program is built on the idea that it's more important How you dance than What you dance.

Level: beginner /intermediate

Inside the programme:
- 15 dance videos
- 8 figures Waltz Routine
- The system that teaches  you how to dance well
- Learning your steps first: knowing how to execute steps with technique

IMPORTANT: If you don’t know the proper  dancing technique, you may practice for hours and get zero results. In the worst case scenario, you may hurt yourself because what you do is not comfortable for your body.

- Learning the Proper Connection in the Waltz: using clock to understand a position of each dance partner; plus creating a beautiful frame.
- Connecting dance steps with the music: learning how to count beats in the Waltz.

- Practice makes it perfect: learning the most effective way to practice and get results.

Bonus #1 

Unlimited  Access

If  taking dance classes in a studio, people often take several  Waltz classes to get results - but they pay each time! Now you pay once and get to take the Waltz classes as many times as you like!

Bonus #2

How to practice effectively

In addition to the Waltz classes itself, we added the special video, where we share our approach on how to practice effectively.

Yes, I want to dance the Waltz Beautifully

Get started Now. Special price: $69.00 CAN


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