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Learn 3 main principles of ballroom and improve your dancing instantly in just 15 minutes.

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Whether you want to start ballroom dancing or ready to improve your skills,  Free Online Ballroom classes will help you discover your potential and tap into your desire to dance well. Plus, you can learn when you want and from anywhere in the world. 

"Thank you for your videos. Very nice explanation of connection. Well done."

Bill Jones

"The corrected basics steps and the hands holding are very important elements for ballroom dancers. we need to dance correctly to be able to enjoy dancing together. Thank you very much for the online teaching"

Myra Leung

 By the end of these Free Ballroom Classes You will do:


  • Correctly steps forward ( hint: when you step forward you not only using your legs)
  • Properly execute of step backward ( keep in mind, we don't use these steps too often in our everyday life)
  • Stay in connection with your dance partner, so it's feels comfortable and your are not kicking each other.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t know the proper  dancing technique, you may practice for hours and get zero results. In the worst case scenario, you may hurt yourself because what you do is not comfortable for your body.

"You can be a world champion if you really master only 2 steps in the ballroom: step forward and step backward."

-Steven Hiller 4 times Ballroom Dance Champion

Welcome to Dance Spirit Club

Hello, we are Konstantin and Oxana Antonov, and we look forward to helping you on your dance journey.

Konstantin is a professional ballroom dancer with 30 years of teaching experience, and has participated and won many European and North American competitions in Latin and Ballroom.  He has also been the coach of many competitive couples and champions. 

Oxana has entered the dancing world from an entirely different industry and area of work. She’s a former law school graduate and litigation lawyer who’s since become an amateur competitor and dance lover and is now the co-founder of Dance Spirit Club.



"Thank you, both for bringing my dancing up to another level. The happiness I feel is priceless"

Trevina Shum

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